Health screenings are quick, easy and painless.

As part of Friends for Life Day you have the option to undergo a free or paid health screening.

The Friends for Life Day paid packages for men up to 35 or 35+ are being offered across Estonia by SYNLAB medical laboratories, Medicum and Qvalitas health centres and the Men’s Clinic of Tartu University Hospital until the end of December. Experienced doctors will guide you through your results and advice will be given on how to improve your health.

A study aiming to examine men’s health in Estonia and find ways of improving it is starting in November 2019 and will run until April 2020. It is being conducted in cooperation with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and the Men’s Clinic of Tartu University Hospital. Free health screenings are being provided to 3200 men aged 40-49 who have not undergone thorough check-ups in the past year.

The Friends For Life Day health check

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40-49 y/o man health check