The Estonian Health Insurance Fund, the Men’s Clinic of Tartu University Hospital and the National Institute for Health Development are launching a pilot study running from November 2019 to April 2020 to produce a report about the health of Estonian men. As a result of the study they hope to find effective solutions to improve men’s health. Free health screenings are being provided to 3200 men aged 40-49 who have not undergone thorough check-ups in the past year. According to the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and the Men’s Clinic this is the age range in which initial health problems become noticeable but can still be turned around with lifestyle changes.

Free health screenings can be booked by our website or filling in the electronic registration form on the Tartu University Hospital Men’s Clinic website or by e-mailing

To participate in a free health screening you will need to fill in a questionnaire and consent form. The exact date and venue of the screening will be confirmed during a phone call. Make sure to specify your place of residence when registering.


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